Research at Your Service
16 Dec

Research at Your Service

Do you already know the services that our R&D laboratory may provide ?


Applied research, product and process simulation tools aided designtest to quantify the mechanical, thermal and tribological performance of your product.

Our goal is to make practically useful applied research and perform tests which can give readily and immediately understandable and applicable results.


Standard tests and more !

TestingWe carry out ISO or ASTM standard test, but also, and above all, special tests developed for the specific product in order to get practical useful results.

We can study together the best way to run tests (both on samples than on the final product) in order to have targeted results and apply them immediately.

The provided outputs are easy to read and the format is designed with the customer so that they can be immediately accessible and easily understood by technicians and / or sales dept.


Test for any need

TestingOur test benches are extremely flexible to adapt to any need:

  • Bending Test: special test bench for measuring the stiffness and resistance to bending and/or compression bending, creep, relaxation to tension and fatigue
  • Friction and Wear Test: bench pin on disk specifically designed to test wear of polymeric materials, but even ad hoc combination of metal/polymer, ceramic/polymer, paper/polymer, etc…
  • Crash Test: banco a dardo cadente per la misura della resistenza ad impatto di materiali e manufatti (anche di grandi dimensioni)

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