The Air Line Configurator, developed in collaboration with Cadenas, after registration, will allow you to create and compose your blowing system starting from the selection of the type of air knife, then adding all the components that will allow the connection with the blower and with your structure.

Once this operation is completed, it will be possible to:

  • download 3D file in the format of your CAD system
  • download a pdf data sheet summary with the list of components and products selected, also useful for requesting a quote.

Click on the button to access the configurator.

System requirements to access the configurator:

Browser accepted:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Versione 6.0 or major
  • Mozilla Firefox Versione 2.0 or major
  • Opera Versione 9.0 or major
  • Google Chrome last versions

Required browser settings:
The following browser settings must be set locally in the user’s system:

  • Cookie allowed
  • Java script activated (Java 5.0) into the browser

Required browser settings (depending on the browser)

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer: the use of ActiveX technology must be allowed
  • Mozilla Firefox: the use of Java technology must be allowed
  • Opera: the use of Java technology must be allowed
  • Google Chrome: the use of Java technology must be allowed