Tecnargilla Preview
27 Aug

Tecnargilla Preview

Tecnargilla confirms itself as the main showcase for the presentation of many new products, created to meet the new market needs driven, above all, by the production of large format tiles and digital glazing.

Near our stand you will be able to meet our technicians, sales people, touch the products and see how they work directly.

The products lines that will be presented are the following:

The Air Line will be presented in all its completeness. In fact, in addition to the Green Blow, there will be a series of accessories that will let you to easily and quickly create real blowing systems.

It will also be possible to test the different performances of the three Green Blow models that will be presented:
Standard model: already presented in last edition, with motor 0,37 Kw (IE2) that gives a total pressure of 1300 Pa, a volume flow rate of 660 m^3/h and an engine performance of 70n%
IE3 Model: with same motor size but, combined with an inverter, could arrive to a total pressure of 1990 Pa, a volume flow rate of 810 m^3/h and an engine performance of 78n%.
Green Blow Plus, the top series: with a motor with permanent magnets 2,2 Kw, arrives to an incredible engine performance of  91,8n%, giving a total pressure of 3070 Pa and  a maximum volume flow rate of 1010 m^3/h

The accessories line, in addition to diffusers and air knifes that could arrive till 3 meters lenght, is enriched with a series of components (brackets, curves, connections, etc) that will allow the blower to be applied quickly to any existing system or to create its own independent blowing system.

Two softwares it will be available for testing:

  • simulation software that allows to define in advance the thermal decrease obtained with the use of Green Blow on its own line after setting up some starting datas
  • a configurator that allows you to download the 3D of the complete system, set previously, directly in the format of your CAD system

The production of large-format tiles has forced us to rethink the entire historic line of components for transport, in order to support greater loads.
The Linea Heavy is born, which includes, in addition to the supports, also idler and driving pulleys for a shaft with diameter 40-50, protections for UCP208, and all the components necessary for safe and effective transport.
At the stand will be exhibited a small transport line totally created with these components.

Tecnargilla’s latest focus will be on the containment of tiles during their transport.
It will be possible to see the whole Roller Conveyor Line, designed for a precise and safe transport of all types of tiles, from the little baseboard to the large format.

All the rollers of the line are made of rubber material so as not to damage the tile and are available in cylindrical or conical versions, in case the upper surface of the tile should not be touched.


South Entry
from 9.30 to 18.00

Our staff will wait for U near stand 001 in Hall C3
Attention !!!
Hall C3 is the one after C1, where we were the last editions, which this edition hosts Kromatech.

Filter for Green Blow
13 Apr

Filter for Green Blow

The filter is an accessory (after-market) speciali developed for our Green Blow products that is applied, in a very simple and quick way, to suction case side using a metal band.

The functions of this accessory that helps to filter the intake air in order to:

  • improve air quality in the workspace;
  • avoid dust or other particles being blown onto the product;
  • reduce blower noise;

There are three different filtration classes available, on the basis of the dimensions of the blocked particles (G3/G4/M5).
Higher filtration class means also greater size/weight of the filter. The filter with higher filtration class (see photo) has a weight of 4,4 kg which counterbalances the weight of the motor to the other side increasing the overall balancing of the blower.

The filter is compose by a strutture in black powder-coated steel sheet. The internal filter element is contained by two welded-meshes galvanized white, such as to reduce the formation of rust.
The internal filter element, that could be replaced, is realized in sithetic fiber.

The filter for Green Blow is the first accessory of a wide range that will be launched in the next coming months and which will be presented in its entirety at  Tecnargilla.

The Air Line accessories will be enriched with other components that will facilitate installation and application to any existing system and/or production environment.

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Green Blow becomes hydraulic
10 Nov

Green Blow becomes hydraulic

After the great success of the electric version of Green Blow during last edition of Eima, has been developed the version with hydraulic drive for agricultural applications.

We would like to remember the main features of Green Blow: compactness, lightness (only 4,3 kg), high blowing performances di soffiaggio with little motors.

Some features of hydraulic version:
– Average output air speed 65m/s (with 620mm spout)
– Volume flow rate of 900m^3/h (with 620mm spout)
– Required hydraulic flow rate (at 4000 rpm) : 11 liters/min
– Total pressure at spout exit of 2500Pa

A lot of accessories are available to customize the application of the Green Blow on machine/systems:
Spouts: in addition to 620mm standard spout (look at photo) are available also 450, 245 and a cylindric spout suitable for a coiled tube D.100
Transversal Diffuser: in aluminium and extremely customizable. Can be realized at your own size till a maximum width of 3 meters.

Brackets : different kind of brackets make the Green Blow fixing easy and effective. It’s possible to create also complex ventilation systems, such as drying gateway.

Thanks to all this features, Green Blow can be used to dry, clean and cool. With this new hydraulic version it can be applied directly on agricultural  machinery to separate products with different weights, for example, the fruits from leaves.


Here the videos about practical demonstration during Agritechnica in Hannover.

The effect of the air in slow-motion

Tecnargilla 2016′ news
18 Oct

Tecnargilla 2016′ news

The twenty-fifth edition of Tecnargilla, the world´s most important ceramic and brick industry supplies exhibition, ended this Friday, September 30. This edition was marked by a palpable enthusiasm and optimism that accompanied the five days fair.

For those who weren’t able to visit Tecnargilla, here is a quick overview of our stand and of the innovations that we presented :


The Green Blow line expands with new accessories, including the new transversal diffuser that can reach a size of more than 3 meters.

Its high versatility allows it to be used in any application where it is necessary to cool or clean and/or dry, simply adjusting the inclination, such as kiln entrance or before digital printing machines.

In this video, we guide you into a virtual tour in our stand to discover the features of the new diffuser:


The Heavy line, studied to meet the transport needs of large format tiles, expands with some new products, such as:

  • Side Guide Adjustment System (SRS) in the Heavy version: a version of the  rapid size change (SRS), structurally more robust and suitable for frames of large dimension
  • Plastic Pulleys for shaft D.40 : our standard line of plastic pulley now is available also for shaft D.40. Diameter 230, 250, 170 both fixed and idler, complete with rubber protection to avoid bearing blocking or pulley sticking on the shaft.
  • UCP208 Cover, the protection for the shaft bearing D.40


Rulliere di ContenimentoThe range of containment rollers has been completed, both as regards the standard size tiles (less than 60×60) and as regards the large-format tiles

The projecting roller conveyors expands with new models with reduced pitch (pitch 16 and 10,9) i.e. smaller rollers, both with cylindrical and conical shapes for digital applications.

The roller conveyors for large format are completed with two new rollers with co-molded bearing D.45 and 34, always available with a cylindrical and conical shapes.

These rollers are also provided with a bearing protection kit able to block the entry of dust and of a centering bush in order to enable a precise alignment of the rollers and therefore a high precision in the guidance of the packages.

All rollers are manufactured in TPU, scratch-resistant material that allows a use at a maximum temperature up to 70 °.

B2B100x100All this products are already available
on our B2B – catalogue on line.
If you are still not in possession of the access keys,
please fill in THIS form and you will receive them soon.

Green Blow – a breath of News
16 Oct

Green Blow – a breath of News

Green Blow is the new FM centrifugal blower specially designed and built for the use on ceramic lines, in particular for cleaning and cooling tiles at the input of the digital printers.

Green Blow can however also be used in other industrial sectors when it is necessary to cool/clean items and/or devices. An analysis of market needs and the use of the latest design technology and simulation made it possible to obtain significant benefits and improvements in several areas compared to the previous solutions and to competitors.

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