Our Christmas 2017
07 Dec

Our Christmas 2017

Christmas is a moment during which the Families gather and celebrate the new rebirth together. Also this year we would like to donate the same moments to those families who unfortunately do not have this great Fortune.

In collaboration with the Association “Un Cuore per la Vita” (“A Heart for Life”), we decided to contribute to a project involving three families in the area hit by the serious earthquake last year in Central Italy.

We called the project “A dairy for Nadia and Luciano“, and we would like to contribute to Luciano’s dream of being able to give a future to their Sons so that they do not flee from a deeply wounded and deserted territory.

As you can see from the images gallery, we went personally to verify the situation that, needless to say, is dramatic.
A breeder of Avendita, a small fraction of Cascia, with 400 sheep and an unusable dairy, along with the house. Three families who strongly want to stay in their territory, despite the majority of the population has gone away, and a great dream: to start again.

We will give you updates on the project, which still needs some funds to be finally realized, but we plan to carry out by next spring.

What better gift for this Christmas than to give back Want and Strive to Dream again to these Families.

A heartfelt wish to all of you and your families!

"If we give ourselves a hand, the Miracles will be done
and Christmas Day will last throughout the Year”
Gianni Rodari

from 24th December to 7th January 2018 included
We’ll open again on Monday 8th January

Christmas 2016 : Shaken hearts who don’t give up
30 Nov

Christmas 2016 : Shaken hearts who don’t give up

A Company of Norcia, in difficulty because of the earthquake that doesn’t give up…
An Association of the Emilia region, that intervenes in case of disasters from 2012, strongly committed to help the people of central Italy, …
We, who know what it means to live the earthquake, fears, uncertainties, loss of references….

Among these “Shaken Hearts” grows the collaboration for this Christmas 2016 that will certainly continue in the future.
A little snowflake that will help to find even just a smile in such a difficult period.

We report here a thought of Donatella, one of the great women engaged in the Association “a Heart for Life,” which struck us very well, and explains the feelings that leave behind the Sisma:

The scent of memories, the smell of dust”
How the ruins’ dust of a house smell like?
This morning I suggest a simple little experiment:
put in a container a picture, a notebook, a pen, a dress, a piece of wood (should represent the furniture of your home), an outlet, a kitchen small appliance no longer functioning, a tile, and a couple of bricks.
With a meat mallet beat, mince and grind these objects, then expose your container out in the open to sunlight, rain, wind, moisture of the night and if you can,
you should go 20 minutes each day, through your meat mallet to crush your things without moving them.
After about two months, with the hands, move the ruins of your things, as if you used a bulldozer, it will raise a dust …
“The dust of your memories”….
I went through ruined villages, there was so much wind last night, and the firefighters bulldozers, moving the ruins of a house which fell on a road, raised a cloud of dust, which penetrate in the sealed cockpit of my car.
I was still, I breathed this powder, I breathed the life of this house and the memories of its inhabitants.
I got out of my car, I crumpled and got illuminated by photoelectric firefighters’ light and flashing lights of emergency vehicles, I cried, because I breathed the dust of memories and now I know their smell and taste …

VETUSTA NORCIA CHOCOLATE FACTORYcioccolateria_vetusta_nursia_norcia_perugia_logo

Love and passion for chocolate that is their slogan.
A family that doesn’t give up and fight to restart their business with great difficulty,
discomfort and a cry of hope.

Their story HERE
Their letter of thanks HERE

Un cuore per la vita


A very active Emilian Association, born as a result of the Emilia earthquake of 2012, then after the flood of 2014 and which is now strongly committed in helping people of central Italy.

On their Facebook page, you can follow their participations and where are allocated the collected funds .

Thank you letter HERE

Eventually, a heartfelt
Thank you! to employers who don’t give up, like Arianna and her family who want to remain in the territory who brought into beeing their Chocolate Dream.

Thank you! to associations such as Donatella and Sonia’s, extraordinary women, who put the aid to the less fortunate in the foreground.
Thank you! to all those who are doing their best not to make us forget the people affected by these catastrophic events.
In our small way, we’re there for you.