The R&D lab

FMLab is an industrial research laboratory able to offer a wide range of Services in the design of products made of polymeric material and in the Metal-Replacementthat is the replacement of metal alloys with high performance polymeric materials.

Bringing together decades of F.M. experience in the field of mold making and molding, FMLab is the ideal partner for companies that want to leverage the benefits of plastics.

With its large internal know-how and a reliable and proven network of external partner, FM lab is able to manage your projects quickly and with absolute confidence while protecting the value of your innovations.

FM lab is a laboratory accreditated to M.I.U.R. ( Italian Ministry of University and Research, 2008) and H.T.N. (High Technology network of Regione Emilia Romagna, 2011). Credits allow to take advantage of benefits and funding for industrial research and experimental development.