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Tecnargilla 2016′ news
18 Oct

Tecnargilla 2016′ news

The twenty-fifth edition of Tecnargilla, the world´s most important ceramic and brick industry supplies exhibition, ended this Friday, September 30. This edition was marked by a palpable enthusiasm and optimism that accompanied the five days fair.

For those who weren’t able to visit Tecnargilla, here is a quick overview of our stand and of the innovations that we presented :


The Green Blow line expands with new accessories, including the new transversal diffuser that can reach a size of more than 3 meters.

Its high versatility allows it to be used in any application where it is necessary to cool or clean and/or dry, simply adjusting the inclination, such as kiln entrance or before digital printing machines.

In this video, we guide you into a virtual tour in our stand to discover the features of the new diffuser:


The Heavy line, studied to meet the transport needs of large format tiles, expands with some new products, such as:

  • Side Guide Adjustment System (SRS) in the Heavy version: a version of the  rapid size change (SRS), structurally more robust and suitable for frames of large dimension
  • Plastic Pulleys for shaft D.40 : our standard line of plastic pulley now is available also for shaft D.40. Diameter 230, 250, 170 both fixed and idler, complete with rubber protection to avoid bearing blocking or pulley sticking on the shaft.
  • UCP208 Cover, the protection for the shaft bearing D.40


Rulliere di ContenimentoThe range of containment rollers has been completed, both as regards the standard size tiles (less than 60×60) and as regards the large-format tiles

The projecting roller conveyors expands with new models with reduced pitch (pitch 16 and 10,9) i.e. smaller rollers, both with cylindrical and conical shapes for digital applications.

The roller conveyors for large format are completed with two new rollers with co-molded bearing D.45 and 34, always available with a cylindrical and conical shapes.

These rollers are also provided with a bearing protection kit able to block the entry of dust and of a centering bush in order to enable a precise alignment of the rollers and therefore a high precision in the guidance of the packages.

All rollers are manufactured in TPU, scratch-resistant material that allows a use at a maximum temperature up to 70 °.

B2B100x100All this products are already available
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