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The most beautiful Christmas gift: a Dream become True

The real "doing for Others" is to put others in a position to "do it alone"

This year will be a very special Christmas for some Families and we hope for many others.

We are proud to announce that the project we supported last year was realized and on December 15th the inauguration of the Dairy of Nadia, Luciano and Sons was scheduled but postponed due to the snow

We were equally to visit the Families, especially happy to have helped to give them back the most precious gift: Hope for a Future full of Smiles, Satisfaction and Pride … for making it through !

Thanks to the collaboration with the Association „Un Cuore per la Vita(trad: A Heart for Life), this year we bring this project to conclusion and we are evaluating other requests received from some local mayors.

With a view to continuing to support local companies, we have chosen the Lentils of Castelluccio from the cooperative „Sapori di Norcia„, as our auspicious „present“ for our Christmas.

Lentils are carriers of prosperity and good luck as well as Health, given the great nutritional properties. Precisely for these reasons, it seemed to us the best way to make our New Year’s Greetings.

Life is beautiful when you can be happy even with little.
When you know how to Dream, how to Laugh, Hope and Love.
And recognize the Fortune you have, for what you have.
G. Stella

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