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Green Blow becomes hydraulic
10 Nov

Green Blow becomes hydraulic

After the great success of the electric version of Green Blow during last edition of Eima, has been developed the version with hydraulic drive for agricultural applications.

We would like to remember the main features of Green Blow: compactness, lightness (only 4,3 kg), high blowing performances di soffiaggio with little motors.

Some features of hydraulic version:
– Average output air speed 65m/s (with 620mm spout)
– Volume flow rate of 900m^3/h (with 620mm spout)
– Required hydraulic flow rate (at 4000 rpm) : 11 liters/min
– Total pressure at spout exit of 2500Pa

A lot of accessories are available to customize the application of the Green Blow on machine/systems:
Spouts: in addition to 620mm standard spout (look at photo) are available also 450, 245 and a cylindric spout suitable for a coiled tube D.100
Transversal Diffuser: in aluminium and extremely customizable. Can be realized at your own size till a maximum width of 3 meters.

Brackets : different kind of brackets make the Green Blow fixing easy and effective. It’s possible to create also complex ventilation systems, such as drying gateway.

Thanks to all this features, Green Blow can be used to dry, clean and cool. With this new hydraulic version it can be applied directly on agricultural  machinery to separate products with different weights, for example, the fruits from leaves.


Here the videos about practical demonstration during Agritechnica in Hannover.

The effect of the air in slow-motion