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Adjustable protection for diverging and converging belts
13 Jun

Adjustable protection for diverging and converging belts

Adjustable protections

The Protections Catalogue is enriched now with this new adjustable protection for pulleys with non-parallels belts.

Where it is used:

  • in all cases where there are diverging or converging belts;
  • where there is a change in pulley size;
  • in the realization of approaches from belt drives to belt drives on rollers; ;
  • Tile turners, walkways and/or deflecting units.

Actual solutions:

  • There is currently NO standardized solution to cover these uses;
  • Complex “handmade” solutions are adopted and/or modifying the protections actually in the catalog, but losing any type of certification.

Product features:

  • available for pulleys D.170 and D.250;
  • it allows to cover the arch not protected of the pulley thanks to the sliding of the two elements that compose it;
  • compatible with all types of FM profiles (U profile, GTC, Diamond);
  • supplied already assembled and complete with screws;
  • pack 100 pieces;
  • CE compliance.


  • Very fast adjustment by simply acting on the bolts;
  • Fully complies with current safety regulations;
  • It allows for the ready-to-use protections for any opposite wheelbase/pulley avoiding unnecessary cutting of integral protections, even if a slight variation occurs;
  • It allows a very high assembly time saving, both in the construction of new lines and in the replacement of non-compliant protections.

This products is already available on our B2B catalogue