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Thanks to our Research Laboratory, a synergistic collaboration with University, specialized technological Poles and compounds for research and development of new materials has been developed. In this way, new projects will be activated in order to meet any demand from customers (who cannot get answers from plastic market yet). 

The main handled materials are as follows:


  • based polyolefins (PP, PE)
  • styrene resins (ABS; PS)
  • thermoplastic polyester (PET, PBT)
  • polyamides (PA6, PA66, PA11, PA12, PA46, PPA, PA MXD6)
  • Polycarbonate (PC)
  • acrylic resins (PMMA)
  • acetal resins (POM)
  • polyphenylene sulfide (PPS)
  • thermoplastic elastomers (TPE)
  • plastics derived from renewable sources for durable applications


In general, all above mentioned plastic materials can be additivated with fillers and reinforcements (ex. Fiber glass, mineral carbon, carbon fiber, aramid fiber or Kevlar), in order to produce very specific characteristics, especially in case of metal-replacement.
Thanks to additives and reinforcements it is possible to obtain plastics with high mechanical performanceheat resistance and wear.
It is also possible to transform electrically- and thermally conductive plastics.


Specific master canbe used for each thermoplastic base in order to get the desired color and in accordance with any technical specifications (eg RoHS) avoiding further surface finishing.