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CIBUS TEC – Food and Beverage Technologies
15 Okt

CIBUS TEC – Food and Beverage Technologies

CIBUS TEC is among the most innovative food technology exhibitions and a complete showcase of the best solutions – from ingredients to processing technologies, from packaging to logistics – for all segments of the food and beverage industry.

Precisely in these sectors our products find a wide application, both for the Air Line, for drying and cleaning operations, and for Rollers and Supports Line in logistics and handling solutions.

We’ll be present at Hall 03 Stand F046 to show you part of our production and the air line in operation.

The Green Blow Air Line allows you to create real blowing systems that can be used, for example, for:

  • dry fruits and vegetables after washing;
  • dry jars, bottles, or other containers after sterilization and before the important labeling phase;
  • dry trays and containers after washing phases;
  • cool to stop the vacuum process and prevent excessive retraction on the product;

and in any case in all applications where it is necessary to cool, clean and dry.

The Green Blow system and all the components that are part of it catalogue have been studied to obtain the maximum result with the lowest possible energy consumption.

Some of the advantages of using this line:

  • Low energy consumption (around 80% less than using compressed air);
  • Very high efficiency thanks to the structure of the system and its components;
  • Very low maintenance costs (if not zero), without the use of specialized operators;
  • Low Noise: all the fans do not exceed the threshold for the use of mandatory DPI;
  • Great flexibility of the system that allows a vast possibility of configurations to be adapted to any existing machinery.

The Idler Rollers Line includes different types of products:

  • EasyRoll Roller Conveyors for a simple and economical transport. Available with rollers in PA, TPU and spheres
  • P.22 and Load-Bearing Roller Conveyors for a more robust transport and without the need for soverstructures. Available with different types of rolls.
  • Projecting Roller Conveyors to create lateral containment. Available with different types of profiles and rollers

A series of accessories complete the line, useful for the assembly of the product or for an high customization on its own production line.

The FM catalog includes other product lines useful for composing your own handling: supports, protections, adjustment systems etc. Our goal is to create a standard that can help the designer create his own handling system quickly and effectively.

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