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[Focus on] Roller conveyors …. find the right one for you!
02 Apr

[Focus on] Roller conveyors …. find the right one for you!

Do you need to transport something?
or do a lateral containment?
Find the most suitable roller conveyor for you!

Over the years, the FM roller conveyor catalogue has always added new models to be able to respond to new needs that customers and the market have submitted to us.
To date, the range is truly complete, both in terms of horizontal transport roller conveyors and vertical containment roller conveyors, which allow a wide coverage of needs and applications.

All roller conveyors are modular, they can be supplied with different types of roller, they are equipped with accessories that facilitate assembly and configuration, so we are sure that you will find the model that can satisfy your needs!

Let’s take a quick overview of the models currently available:

Horizontal roller conveyors

These roller conveyors are used for the horizontal transport of the product and to create real idle conveyor belts.

This line includes different models of roller conveyors depending on the product transported and the application to which they must respond:

  • EasyRoll: the lightest, most compact and economical: for the transport of light products. Available both in the version with rollers but also in the version with sphere for omnidirectional transport.
    The modules are inserted by snapping in from above and allow a very quick replacement as well as assembly.
  • P.22: a roller conveyor that already has an aluminum profile that creates a structure sufficient for medium-weight transport.
  • Load bearing R.C.: suitable for heavy products but above all it is a roller conveyor with a rigid structural profile which allows you NOT to create a support structure and exploit all its features. This profile also offers the possibility of inserting a hose holder or a quick coupling into the head to introduce air or water for cleaning scraps, chips or other items.
  • Roller module: this small module leaves a lot of freedom in creating your own support and sliding structure. Ex: you can also create idler curves.

All roller conveyors are available with different types of roller, including rubber ones to avoid damaging the product if it is delicate.

Various accessories complete the line: supports for fixing, joints for changing sliding surfaces, end caps, and much more.

Vertical containment roller conveyors

These roller conveyors are used to contain the product laterally during transport.
Their particular „cantilever“ shape allows the roller to arrive very close to the sliding surface of the product to guarantee perfect guidance.

This line also includes many possibilities, both in terms of the type of profiles and the type of roller:

  • Projecting R.C. P.22: they are roller conveyors available with different types of profile: with one hook or two, or with a three-slot profile that can accommodate nuts for fixing. Available with different types of roller, both cylindrical and conical.
  • Projecting R.C. P.16 e P.10,5: these two roller conveyors have the same characteristics as the previous one, but the rollers are smaller (D.15 and D.10) suitable for the transport of small or very fragile products, in order to reduce the „jump“ between one roller and the other .
    These rollers are also available both cylindrical and conical.
  • Rollers guides: these guides are used in the transport of heavier products. All available rollers – from a D.34 to a D.50 – have co-molded bearings to guarantee excellent smoothness and precision. These roller conveyors can be either with fixed pitch (with an easy to replace module) or free pitch, to be configured to the specific needs of the customer.
  • Silicone rollers: all roller conveyors now also have 20shA and 40shA silicone rollers available for the transport of particularly delicate products.

A series of accessories that facilitate assembly and configuration complete the line.

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