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06 Okt – The House of Air Technology !

The great development that the GreenBlow air line has had in recent years has led it to become one of our most versatile product lines.

Many different sectors as many different applications with a single common denominator: the use of Air as a solution to needs for cooling, cleaning, separation and much more.

We asked ourselves how to convey this great potential and the answer was immediate: create a „house for Air Technology“

Thus was born the website dedicated to this product line:

The first active sections, in addition to NEWS one, are precisely those of the APPLICATIONS and SECTORS, where you can find projects that have already been successfully implemented. Lots of images and videos that can help you better understand the system and get ideas to solve your need.

However, not all sections are still active, but in the next few days they will all be completed:

  • TECHNOLOGY: will contain the overview of all the components that are part of the line and that allow you to build a complete blowing system, independently, without the need for other suppliers and / or specialized technicians;
  • FUNCTIONALITY : advantages and strengths of the system that make it very competitive thanks also to its low energy impact;
  • ASSISTANCE: are you already our customer? In this area, after registering the product, you will find all the necessary documentation (CE declarations, manuals, FAQs, etc …) as well as in-depth information on maintenance, special inverter programming and much more …

We decided to put the site online, even before its completion, precisely because we think that the sections already active can make a great contribution to the application of this technology.

Many other news will follow in the coming weeks, including the presentation of two new products that will be part of this line. Keep in contact !