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Tecnargilla posticipated to 2021… we don’t !
27 Mai

Tecnargilla posticipated to 2021… we don’t !

Tecnargilla, has always been for us the main showcase for the presentation of new products for the ceramic machinery sector.
The organizers have decided to postponed it to 2021, given the contingent period relating to Covid-19 which certainly would not allow to experience the event in its entirety and normality, both for exhibitors and for visitors.

Following this tough but right decision, our „R&D machine“ has decided not to stop and continue with its roadmap of new products scheduled for release for 2020
After the Silicone roller conveyor line presented in the spring, the Green Blow line dedicated to the Food & Beverage sector which will be presented in the coming weeks, a new project is expected to be concluded in the Autumn which will be part of the Green Blow Air Line.

Autumn 2020, a cleaner air

The Green Blow air line in recent years has met with unexpected success and the catalog has been continuously enriched with new components and accessories that now allow it to be applied in numerous sectors, creating real independent blowing systems.

One of the issues that we had partially addressed with the introduction of the „filter“ accessory, but which certainly deserves greater attention, is that of the quality of the working environment.

The new project concerns precisely this aspect: capturing dust and small debris caused by processing on industrial production lines, it will help to significantly improve air quality by purifying it.

The purpose of this project is too important to postpone its realization !!!

Especially in the contingency due to the Covid-19 emergency that requires us to take care of the quality of the air we breathe, so as not to favor the spread of viruses.

This project integrates perfectly with all the components of the Green Blow Air Line, or rather completes it, providing everything necessary for air treatment.

We would like to tell you all the details of the project because our enthusiasm is growing every day continuing in the project and gives us the right energy not to abandon our schedule and be able to present the product to you on schedule before this pandemic, i.e. end of September / beginning October.

Follow us for all the updates because there are many initiatives that we are planning to present in the most flexible and effective way possible, this project.