Green Blow

Blowers in plastic material that can also be used in many other industrial sectors when it is necessary to cool/clean items and/or devices.
An analysis of market needs and using the latest technology design and simulationmade it possible to obtainsignificant benefits and improvements in several areas compared to the previous solutions and to competitors.
They are available in different configurations of motorsblowing nozzlesfixing supports, in order to respond adequately to all needs.
Silent and lightall blowers are CE marked.

Gate valves

Gate Valves totally in thermoplastic material useful to regulate the air flow by the air ducting reduction through a gate valve that has a graduated scale that indicates the opening and closing percentage of the section. The blocking on the wished position is possible by screws and nuts.
It is possibile to create a 
gate valves “set”  through the assembly of a necessary number of valves by means of special aluminum profiles.
The plastic material guarantees the durationthe lightness and recyclability.
Available in versions for air tubes D.80-90-100-120-150

Clapet valves

The clapet Valve is used for industrial system of centralized suction.

For ease of applicationthe air pipe coupling is possibile trough a standard unionsuitable for all suction systemsAn additional feature of this article is the internal thread G2″ that allows to screw it at the fixed suction duct.
Furthermore in the internal side of the cover it’s present a stoptooth that does not allow an eventual accidental disjunction of the air pipe.
The hermetic seal of the clapet valve is guaranteed by the presence of an OR gasket between body and cover.

Available for air pipe D.50 and D.60.