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The 2012 earthquake also brought our municipality back into the “seismic crater”, even if our company had not suffered structural damages to any of the plants but only moderate damages.

We therefore opened a construction site for the seismic adjustment of all the structures which lasted 20 months.

The adjustment involved: the insertion of connection brackets (already inserted in phase 1) but also the strengthening of many columns and, for the older production plant, the removal of the fiber cement and the complete replacement of the roof with a more lightweight and insulating wood / sandwich panels.

During the construction site we had to move an entire department, the shipping warehouse and its assembly, to another area still in the industrial area in Via del Progresso, still operating as FMLogistic. This operation was necessary to allow the entry of a large crane that would enslave the entire production department from that area in demolishing the roof and replacing the concrete beams with the wooden ones

With this short video, we want to share those moments of suffering, hard work and sacrifice, which however led to a real rebirth of our departments, in addition to expansion into a new factory.

WE THANK all the employees who in those months have collaborated to go beyond that difficult phase and our customers for having understood some small delay due to the various movements of the departments which, however, were performed on the weekend or during the night to be able to impact the least Daily operation possible.

Finally, we thank our Emilia Romagna Region for helping us in part to support this unexpected but necessary investment.

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