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Roller Conveyors

Roller Conveyors are a valid solution to the problems of handling packages and /or lateral containment of tiles.

Thanks to modularity and “easy assembly“, they can be quickly applied on all handling systems.
Roller Conveyors are equipped with different types of aluminum profile and various types of rollers in order to meet different needs, both constructive and flow. Accessories that facilitate their use complete the range.

Pulleys & Rolls

Pulleys, Rolls and Wheels in thermoplastic material, which ensure a longer lasting (compared to metals) and a greater lightness, thanks to their particular plastic composition (mixed materials), with consequent lower maintenance and downtime for replacement.

Available in different diameters and grooves, to satisfy all transport demand and also with bi-material rubbery coating to provide greater friction with the delivered product or to prevent its damage.


Belt Supports, Blade Holder Supports, Clips and many other Supports that can provide different solutions to build an internal transport line, using a few tools and in a simple and effective way, as they have been designed to be modular and applicable to any metal profile.

All products are made of plastic material and some of them are reinforced with co-moulded metal inserts, in order to ensure a high load resistance and durability.


Protection against accidents in thermoplastic material are useful to safeguard the moving parts that constitute a danger to the worker.

The range includes: Cases, Finger guards, Handguards and Plugs for Pulley’s slot.

Protection are marked CE.


Belt Supports and Retention Sections in iron, anodized aluminum or with part of polyethylen to ensure a long lasting and fluency.

Thanks to the cooperation between FM and Röchling, sections in Diamond Plus material in orange color (exclusively distributed by FM) are now available: a high molecular weight polyethylene with exceptional characteristics of fluency and wear resistance, with an additive that guarantees hardness, appropriate for the use in applications with high abrasive dust.


Shutter Chains in thermoplastic material to meet the requests of straight and curvilinear transport, with different materials depending on the application.

Also available for food industry.

Sprockets and other accessories complete the range for the transmission line.


  • Rotors and Propellers for pump
  • Welding beltwelder pliers
  • Knobs and handwheels
  • Sucker Rod Supports

Other components in thermoplastic material.