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    All the material contained into the suite online like: pics, technical draws, DXF draws, PDF versions, products' descriptions, materials' technical informations, price lists, reductions in price and however all that is related to products' informations and commercial's
    exchanges that can be generated are subjected to: FM© Copyright – All right reserved and it could be used single with scope of consultation, generation PDF, and online orders generation.
    Such accessible information of closely classified character and exclusively through qualification of userID and password given by F.M. They could be only communicated to the staff who undertakes a relationship of confidence with F.M.
    Not given: the possibility to disclose the access to thirds party, before a written request to F.M.
    Not given: possibility to print, to disclose or to use the contained information inside of the suite for different aims from those overindicated and however for aims does not agree to you with F.M.
    Such concession will be cancelled in case of interruption of the relationships with F.M. and however for cases of assessed badly use of the qualification customer.

    Check here if you accept these terms.

    The undersigned concerned, having acquired the information provided by the data controller pursuant to article 7 of EU Reg. 2016/679, (info document n. 11382.51.351775.1164827 present on this website in the menu OnLine Service, Downloads):
    I give my consent to the processing of personal data for the optional purposes indicated above.
    I Consent.