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“Engineering and Creation of Technical Articles
in thermoplastic material for injection moulding.
Engineering, Construction and Maintenance of moulds”

missionF.M. Mission is to propose itself as a “Technical and Technological Partner” able to support in perfect synergy, the customer in selecting and solving any problem concerning the implementation of articles in thermoplastic material: from design to delivery of the finished product.
Moreover, thanks to the international sales networkfollow the customer in its country of production.


“Plastic is the future of technological applications.
Our task is to spread its qualities in order
to encourage more and more its application

respecting the environment “

visionF.M. Vision argues that in the future of industrial applications, thermoplastic materials will be increasingly present, thanks to great steps in technology made by raw materials in the last few years.

Our task is to spread this culture among customers and try to make them aware of the potentiality of thermoplastic materials and encourage actions of metal-replacement.

This of course, making everyone know that it is possibile to design articles in thermoplastic materials respecting the environment.

 To pursue its VISION, four key points are essential and necessary: we can identify them with “4I“.

  • INNOVATION: which must become a modus operandi;
  • INTERNATIONALIZATION: only with your presence in the world, you can gain experiences, knowledge and be always in the right place at the right time;
  • INFORMATION: at 360°, both outside and inside the company;
  • I.C.T. – INFORMATION AND COMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY: data processing system are essential to break down barriers of time and distance, reaching faster goals by sharing necessary information to carry out your own work.


Strive not to be a Success, but rather to be of value
[Albert Einstein]

ValuesF.M. pursues its mission observing in compliance with fundamental working values in the company:

Establish a close relationship with the client, trying to better understand its needs, helping him to express its potential through a close synergy in the study of new projects or improving existing ones.

QUALITY: Quality of product: quality is the essential requirement of each product.
Quality of relationship: to provide an adequate assistance to the client from the project untill the after-sale phase, through rapid and exhaustive technical and commercial information.
Quality of work: a safe, dynamic and stimulating working environment, allows everybody to do the best and to pursue the company mission.

Placing the experience aquired in the field in over 30 years of activity at clients’ disposal in order to get the best result in the projects. Each new experience increases the added value supplied to the customer.

The company Mission requires the collaboration of a dynamic, motivated and technically prepared staff. To this purpose, the company plans constantly training and updating courses for each department. Improving professionalism of individuals also means improving the quality of work.

F.M. pays particular attention to new market demands: innovation is the answer that allows you to keep up with times, providing a quality product in a short time.

Technological Innovation: technical and technological development, experimentation of new materials.
Process Innovation: it involves the whole company organization through constant training of internal staff and sales network;the actualization of operating procedures in order to uphold the brand and product image.