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Competition make us Faster
Collaboration make us Better

Collaborations between companies create strong synergies able to face better challenges of every day. Over the years, FM has made some important partnership with industry-leading companies:

Elesa Roechling
Standard Machine ElementsFM Partner in the sale of product lines:
Hinges, Handles, Angle, Sensor Support and Roller Conveyors
Corporate leader in the production and processing of plastic materials for industry.
FM Partner in the production of slider profiles.

We are part of the Network of Accredited Suppliers:


CRIT Research™ is a technology broker specialized in the strategic management of innovation processes. Shareholders of CRIT Research™ are first-class, international manufacturing companies with R&D centres and plants in the Emilia Romagna Region, Italy.

The aim of CRIT Research™ is to support enterprises in the innovation and technology transfer by acting as a common ground for collaborative industrial research. In addition, CRIT Research™ acts as a collective technological interface among industrial actors and Research Centers throughout the world.

Database of suppliers endorsed by members of CRIT Research™:

  • Highly specialised suppliers
  • Supplied endorsed by members of CRIT Research™

Cooperations with our R&D Laboratory, FMLab: