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FM Catalogue Line

FM Catalogue enclose a wide range of products (about 5000 items) marketed all over the world through its sales network.

These products are components used primarily on plants for the production of ceramics (historical sector of the company), but also used in the field of automation in general, machinery for wood, marble, glassmaking, packaging and transfer lines between processings etc…

B2B Reserved Area

B2BOn the B2B area you can:
– Consult all the catalogues of the product lines, look at the practical examples and combinations with other items;
– Save pages or catalogues in PDF formatready to be sent by mail;
– Download technical drawings.

If you are client:

  • Consult price list and availability;
  • Set up an offer;
  • Carry out ordersorders placed through B2B have a prioritylane (priority in the deliveryas they are entered directly into our ERP system and therefore managed more quickly