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Silicone rollers… a soft touch
12 Jun

Silicone rollers… a soft touch

Roller Conveyors line is enriched with a new type of roller suitable for the transport of very delicate or fragile products.
An example: green tiles that have very delicate but important edges and corners to preserve.


In addition to the standard black TPU roller (92shA), two types of silicone rollers with two different hardnesses are now available, so as not to damage the product:

  • Red: hardness 40shA
  • VERDE: it is the softest ever – 20shA

Thanks to the technical characteristics of the material, the rollers are extremely resistant to wear and cut.
This last feature makes them optimal, for example, in the transport of glass sheets.


These rollers can be used in all the roller conveyor configurations in our catalog, both in the roller guides (see image above) and in the cantilever roller conveyors (see image below). Both available with bended heads.

Compatibility with all the accessories of the roller conveyor line make them simple and quick to install on any system or application.

Also this new products is available on online catalogue.
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