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August … open for holidays!
31 Jul

August … open for holidays!

"Storms cause Trees
put stronger Roots "

These were really hard and complicated months that put a strain on our staff, the organization and the whole company.

We had the opportunity to always work, even at the time of the lockdown, and the attention, which the new health safety rules impose, has certainly fatigued everyone more than normal.

Despite the moment, we have decided to stay with our Customers and our Sales Network for the whole month of August (closing only one week from 17 to 21 August).
The news that we are preparing for Autumn is too important to be able to stop its development and industrialization.

We want the Roots of our Tree to get Stronger and Stronger so that we can face what Autumn has in store for us in the best way.

All our staff are however guaranteed three weeks of holidays to be able to recharge their batteries and start again in September with even more determination.

In August … count on us!

Happy Holidays to all
from our Sebastiano !