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Covid-19 – Plants Closing
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Covid-19 – Plants Closing

We don’t usually stop ! ! Our company is extremely dynamic and used to running in order to give innovative solutions to its customers.

There are moments, however, where it is essential to take a break in order to recover the Energy, Serenity and Concentration necessary to face increasingly difficult challenges.

Our activity is one of those which, according to the Prime Ministerial Decree of 22/03/20, could continue their operations.

Despite this, we decided, on a voluntary basis, to close our production plants on the following days:

from Friday 27th March to Friday 3rd April (included)


The commercial, technical and administrative assistance will work in smart-working and will always be at your disposal even during closing.
Therefore, for any need, you can contact our staff via direct or generic email.

During this stop, a periodic preventive sanitization operations will be carried out on all our plants, as provided for by the Covid-19 protocol.

For all updates, please follow our website and social networks.

We thank everyone for the collaboration, in particular our staff, which allowed us to remain operational at such a particular moment.

Unless otherwise directed, we will meet again on Monday 6th April.