REVESTIR AND CEVISAMA: full of visitors and news !
11 Apr

REVESTIR AND CEVISAMA: full of visitors and news !

The success of the first two trade fairs of the year, Cevisama and Revestir, gave us the right energy to continue along the direction already undertaken: design new products in order to guarantee cost-effective solutions to our customers.

In Spain, Cevisama, which took place in early February in Valencia, registered a record attendance with 78,221 visitors, of which 14,923 foreigners from 145 countries.

The stand of our distributor Ucersa, has followed this trend in terms of attendance and the products presented have been a great hit with visitors, even from other industrial fields.

Great success also for Revestir, which took place in early March in Sao Paulo (Brazil), a market that despite the difficulties of the country has responded with an increase in visitors of +3.5% (over 63,000 total visitors) compared to the previous edition.

A number of visitors curious about the innovations that were presented, passed from the stand of our dealer Servitech.

Let us briefly review the innovations aimed at meeting the growing needs of customers about the main market trends: large tiles and digital decoration.

A new accessory for the Green Blow, which has attracted the curiosity of visitors and is frequently used at the inlet of digital decorators to cool the tiles: Diffusore-Trasversalethe transversal diffusor.
This new diffuser is born from the growing customer demand to have flow section wider than the previously provided 700mm. This diffuser is
highly configurable:  it can be produced in any size (even more than 3 meters) and, if the size of 1500mm is exceeded, it is possible to
apply a second Green Blow (one on each side) in order to ensure an excellent blowing performance.
The diffuser is also adjustable, which allows a 0-90° rotation and always provides the correct angle of the air flow on the tile.
It is supplied complete with its reinforced mounting support in order to allow its application on large frames. It’s available in two configurations: with direct inlet or with 90° curve inlet which makes possible to apply a commercial corrugated tube and to put the blower away from the diffuser.

This new diffuser, due to its high configurability, opens the possibility of using Green Blow blower in all areas where it is necessary to clean, dry and cool: from the wood/glass/marble industry, to the fruit industry, bottling and many others fields.


For what concerns large size tiles, the Heavy Version of the side guide adjustment system (product already included in the catalogue) has been presented.
This new reinforced system allows to handle heavy tiles and can be applied also on frames larger than 1000mm.
Its great versatility allows different applications: with a knob, with lateral adjustment and with double independent adjustment.
The Heavy line will see further developments in the next months concerning both plastic pulleys and safety guards.

In addition to these important changes, new versions of projecting roller conveyors were presented in order to allow a proper handling of any type of tile: the raw tile (very fragile), the baseboards, tiles with very specific dimensions.

The next meeting will be Tecnargilla from the 26th to 30th September in Rimini.
New products will be presented in order to complete both the “Air Line” and to satisfy internal handling needs.

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