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TECNA 2022: discover our energy saving solutions !
07 Sep

TECNA 2022: discover our energy saving solutions !

Energy saving: the main focus

The main focus of this edition of Tecna will certainly be the Energy Saving, in addition to the equally important one of the management of Free Crystalline Silica.

You will be able to see some products of the GreenBlow® Air Line in operation that can be of enormous help in achieving these objectives.

At our stand it will be possible to see some products in operation, to have an overview of the available product lines, but above all you will be able to have direct contact with our sales-technicians who will be able to suggest you which products will best achieve your objectives.

Pull’n’Catch ® the suction and filtering system for dust, free crystalline silica, up to viruses and bacteria.

The most frequent applications made so far with this system are at the kiln inlet, with frames up to over 4 meters, in order to guarantee the quality of the product before the expensive cooking operation, with a considerable reduction in waste, in addition to the advantages of dust extraction in environment.

At our stand, in addition to being able to see the system in operation, we will present a further evolution of the system that allows a very quick and effective installation and adjustment.

Linea GreenBlow®cooling and drying applications

Cooling before digital printers and post-cutting drying are two very important processes for product quality and where it is possible to have significant energy savings using the GreenBlow® line.

Find out together with our sales representatives present in the stand, which processes of your production lines can be solved with this product line and what is the consequent energy saving!

Our Mr. Blowy, mascot of the GreenBlow® line, created with all its components, will not be missing. Demonstration of how, with a little creativity, any type of structure can be created.

There will be also all the other product lines such as the historical one of the Disc Packs for glazing, that of the roller conveyors for both transport and containment, and the whole Heavy Line of supports and protections, essential for building lines for large format tiles and much more.



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