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Keep calm and try to manage Coronavirus
27 Feb

Keep calm and try to manage Coronavirus

In these days of Coronavirus alert, we would like to reassure that our company has put in place all necessary actions to protect Health and Safety off its staff, scrupulously following all the directives issued by the Region, by the Health Authorities and by our competent doctor.

We also confirm that in this moment our production proceeds regularly  and therefore also our commercial dept, technical assistance and other services with the same quality level always granted by our company.

For this purpose, we ask for collaboration with all those who have normal physical iterations with our company by following these simple guidelines:

  • PHYSICAL MEETINGS: our managers have already arrange to suspend all physical appointments that are not strictly necessary, replacing them with other audio / video communication systems.
    Therefore, we invite you NOT to physically go to us before having contacted your reference and agreed on the visit.
  • COURIERS: we ask for your collaboration by remaining on your vehicle pending the loading / unloading and signature of the documents.

Entry to our factories is not allowed in the following cases:
1 – If you have stayed in China in the past 15 days or have stopped at a Chinese airport
2 – If you have attended or stayed in the last 15 days in the territory of the Municipalities where there are outbreaks of COVID-19 in Italy
3- If in the last 15 days you have had contact with people from China or from Italian areas where there are outbreaks of COVID-19 that presented symptoms such as cough and / or fever
4- If you have experienced any of the following symptoms in the past 15 days:
• Temperature above 37.2°C (OMS indications)
• Cough
• Physical discomfort (fatigue, breathing difficulties, etc..)
Therefore, if the above cases arise, contact us to agree on a different operating method.

We also remind you to take at least all the hygiene precautions indicated by our World Health Organization: