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Our Christmas with the Red Cross
15 Dec

Our Christmas with the Red Cross

2020 was a year that will be unfortunately remembered for the Covid-19 pandemic that has affected everyone: Families and Companies.
It has also overwhelmed everyone’s everyday life, changing it heavily. We all had to adapt to a more virtual world, removing those “in person” contacts that allowed us to experience relationships in a more direct and personal way.

Our company has also quickly adapted to these new methods, both as regards the internal organization and for external communication.
We launched a new website dedicated to Air Line, partecipate to virtual exhibition like TecnaNext, to online webinar to show our new Pull’n’Catch system and many other initiatives.

We have not even stopped our spirit of innovation, keeping unchanged the release planning of new products, to give our sales network and our customers an additional opportunity to be able to face the economic crisis linked to the pandemic with new proposals. and new solutions to sector problems.

We want to do a brief roundup of all the products released in 2020, not least the Pull’n’Catch System, which already obtaining excellent feedback from the market:

In short, despite all the difficulties of this 2020, we have never lost the enthusiasm to improve, because we are firmly convinced that “we do not grow when things are Easy, we grow only by facing the Challenges”
and we like Challenges …

This year we decided to dedicate our Christmas to those who were personally involved in the management of the Emergency, demonstrating great responsibility and a sense of duty.

Our contribution goes to the local headquarters of the Italian Red Cross which, especially this year, has been called upon to assist our citizens in this difficult moment.

Once again thanking all the Volunteers, Doctors and Nurses involved on the front line in this emergency for their precious work, our thoughts go to all of them for this Christmas.

You don't realize how beautiful Normal is
until this is deprived or upset ...
We wish everyone a little bit of Normality for 2021!

from 24th December 2020
to 3rd January 2021