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Green Blow and Agricultural Sector
06 Nov

Green Blow and Agricultural Sector

A simple air blow can solve many agricultural applications !
How ? Let's find out together in this article.

The agricultural sector offers a number of very interesting applications for the Green Blow line. For some years now the hydraulic powered version has been developed to allow application in agricultural machinery.

What can be its application in this sector ?

The first is to separate products with different weights.
In the specific case of automatic harvesting machines it could separate the leaves from the fruits.

In this video it is possible to notice the effect of the air blow that in a simple and economic way divides the leaf (very light) from the fruit

The effect of separation in slow-motion in this video

The electric version which applications could have ?

Green Blow, in its electric versions, can be used in many post-harvest applications such as drying and/or cleaning the product before its packing (for example).

The accessories included in the catalog (air knives, brackets and connections) allow the creation of complete drying / cleaning systems, like real drying portals.

Could it be used in horticultural field?

Green Blow, has already found application in this field.
In fact, inside the greenhouses, the blown air of Green Blow is enough to create an air recirculation system that avoids the presence of unwanted insects.

It is also used in the washing lines for sowing boxes and / or vases for the drying phase or in the treatment of seedlings directly in the greenhouse on board of mobile trolleys.

Recall that the main features of Green Blow are the small size, as well as the weight (only 4,3 kg), combined with excellent blowing performances  with small motors.

Some features of hydraulic version (at 4000 rpm):
– Air outlet speed equal to 65m/s
– Flow rate 900m^3/h
– Total pressure of 2500Pa
– Hydraulic flow rate: 16 liter/min
The above data have been calculated using the 630mm diffuser

A series of accessories completes Air Line allowing to create your own system: air knives, connections and brackets

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