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Green Blow Air Line – “T” Coupling
23 Jul

Green Blow Air Line – “T” Coupling

Green Blow Air Line

The Green Blow Air Line is enriched by a new component:
T Coupling 100 M/M/M

This component provides greater flexibility to the system allowing to connect two air knives – or diffusers- to the same blower.

This solution is perfect in cases of small products, or in any case, where the air knives do not exceed a total length of 1500mm (total between the two air knives).

Coupling TThe particular geometry guarantees:
excellent uniformity of the outgoing air flow
reduction of turbulences and pressure drop

This component is compatible with all other products of the Green Blow Air Line.

All the Green Blow Air Line is available on our catalogue B2B and 3D files on portal FMPartCommunity

Green Blow Components

August... HERE WE ARE !

Augost... HERE WE ARE !

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